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Our alumni are, always have been, and always will be a very important part of our Park Maitland School Family!  Please take a moment to fill out this form so we can stay in touch with you as we create new events and engagement opportunities just for you!

Thank you for joining us at our second annual Alumni Social and Family Picnic last spring! It was great to see so many alumni together in support of Park Maitland School and we look forward to more events soon!

Curious to see what our alumni are doing? Be social and follow @ParkMaitlandSchoolAlumni on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to share your story with us! We want to know what our dynamic Park Maitland School alumni are up to!

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There’s no need to sign up for events and special updates, just keep your information up-to-date and we’ll keep you in the loop!  Parents of a recent or “lost” Park Maitland School alum, please help us by filling out this form on their behalf. 

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We look forward to seeing, hearing and sharing your story too! Please email images and details to: [email protected] 

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Your support for our beloved Park Maitland School helps keep the traditions started by the Cohen Family in place for generations to come. We understand the knowledge and expertise of our alumni covers many academic and extracurricular areas of study and look to partner together to continue to differentiate the Park Maitland School experience in our community.  

Let us know if you are interested in supporting our students on campus as an expert in the classroom; talking about your career path; sharing a special experience you had; or helping to plan alumni events in our area. For more information on ways to get involved, please email [email protected] 

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